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Greetings from Eileen Edwards

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Eileen Edwards and I have an honour's degree in Psychology, a subject which I have studied for over ten years.

 My take on Psychology is a practical one. I have used it to improve my own life and gain my goals and I would like to show you how you can too. I am also an Advanced Hypnotherapist (National College) and an Accredited Life Coach (The Life Coaching Academy) . 

 In my free time I enjoy public speaking, theatre, country walks and cookery. I am very fond of animals particularly dogs. To share and benefit from my knowledge simply claim your Love Magnet free report.  

Eileen Edwards-BSc   Practical Psychologist.

Passionate about your success and happiness.

A small group workshop is planned for later this year.  Eileen will

work individually with those attending,  taking them through the six steps to a successful relationship.  She will provide a personal roadmap to success for each  individual and a toolkit  for keeping their relationship happy and flourishing.

If you would like to attend,  email to find out about availability.